── iNTRO

My name is Decay, or you can also call me Soy Milk. I go by he/him pronouns. I am a roleplayer. My personality is basic of a November Scorpio and I am an INFP-T. I can communitcate well in Vietnamese and English.

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I speak more proper with strangers for the sake of being polite. However, I tend to be more open and I often swear around close friends. Please don't be shocked (lol). I also like to spam keyboard a lot.
Fit in basic DNI criteria. Also, don't add if you are someone who fake your illness physically / mentally or you post suicidal / gore publicly. I will not condone attention seekers or stalkers either.
I can tolerate rudeness once or twice for the first few interactions. However, if we are not close friends, please have common sense and talk or joke accordingly. Stubbornness will only get you blocked.

Enjoys ・tea, coffee, sleeping, comfort foods, Anime, K-pop, USUK, writing, roleplaying, reading, drawing, art, cats, etc.

Dispises ・overly crowded places, heights, sharp pains, headaches, public speaking, etc.


Below are some of my handles, along with some roleplay / writing samples (I'm still learning lol). Feel free to take a look at them. Otherwise, I hope you did enjoy going through my carrd.
Thank you, take care.
Credits to my lovely @oswald for making this.